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Professional Guided Tours in Cologne for travel groups.

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Taxi Service for Business Travellers

There are about 1,200 taxis in Cologne, of which a majority belongs to "Taxiruf Köln" and are dispatched from there. These cabs are oper- ated by many little companies who themselves have thousands of taxi drivers coming from different countries or regions and having different skills for doing their job. That often means changing levels 

The sign on top of Cologne's taxi caps. Photo: Taxiruf Köln of quality occuring to taxi clients. Espacially when travelling to Cologne for business matters every professional traveller wants to rely on a fair, competent and friendly taxi service. As a business traveller coming to Cologne this year you may want to choose making an inquiry below about a new Taxi
Service for professional visitors that provides the corresponding professional service for business people who need to a personal transport in Cologne and its suburbs. We can offer cabs starting with mercedes limousines for maximum 4 passengers up to vans that can carry up to 7 passengers. Your driver will be able to communicate in English and know about the most important streets and places in Cologne. You can call a cab for your airport transfer, some rides in the city to your business dates or on a hourly basis.


If you are interested in booking a taxi for your business and also private appointments in Cologne and its region
we look forward to receive your |INQUIRY|. Thank you.

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Taxi stands (TS) in the inner city

Here's a choice of taxi stands in the inner-city. Most of the stands (TS) are occupied day and night. Underneath the name the location is given (*).


TS Am Hof
* at the brewery Früh
TS Philharmonie
* at the Philharmony
TS Mühlengasse
* at Alter Markt
TS Hauptbahnhof
* Dom-side of station


TS Breslauer Platz
* backside of station
TS Heumarkt

* at Maredo steakhs. 
TS Maritim

* at Hotel Maritim
TS Burgmauer

* at tourist's office
TS Kaufhof
* at "Mister Minit"


TS Neumarkt
* at Schildergasse
TS Oper
* at Opera building
TS Gereonsdriesch
* at church St. Gereon



TS Kaiser-Wilh.-Ring
* at "Allianz" building
TS Friesenplatz
* at Capitol theatre
TS Renaissance Hotel
* in front of entrance
TS Rudolfplatz
* beside the city gate
TS Habsburgerring
* at Hotel Crown Plaza
TS Crown Plaza
* backside of hotel
TS Mozartstrasse
* at newspaper stand
TS Zülpicher Platz

* at ice cream shop

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Guided tours and walks in Cologne

Seen it from the Dom (cathedral) before? What would Cologne be without the Rhine? The river belongs to the city just as a boat tour does to the itinerary of a Cologne visitor. Espacially travel groups who wanted to book a guided walk through the old town of Cologne with its beautiful sights may also be interested in extending this nice event by exploring the river rhine on a ship that takes them along the wonderful view on the entire old town. The combination of both 

River ship of the Köln-Düsseldorfer company. Photo: Wagner programm parts is at its best. First you will be lead to the most important sights of old Cologne in order to learn about lots of nice stories that city's history bears. You will be pleased to know all necessary about this old town of almost 2000 years since the time of the romans. Afterwards we'll take 

you on one of the white boats for a relaxing cruise along the left and right bank of the rhine where interesting buildings and landmarks are to be seen. We recommand not to forget your photo camera. On the ship you can both sit under free sky or under deck if you like to. If you wish to have a cold or warm drink or a snack to eat there will be a waiter serving you quickly. The duration of the whole tour (walk and cruise on the rhine) is about 2.5 hours.


If you are interested in this programme please send us an |INQUIRY| with your individual date. More information on other guided tours in Cologne are available here.

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